Offer : Business analysis

If such a need arises, we perform the analyses and audits of current business processes of an enterprise in the context of using the existing IT systems of the SAP company. The result of that is the comprehensive summary of the processes functioning in the company, such as the purchase to pay process and the order to cash process, planning cycle together with the analysis of separate stages, indicating areas and critical paths as well as suggestions on possible corrections and improvements, and the manner of implementation of them.

In case of the implementation of IT solutions, the effect of such analyses might also be the specification of discrepancies (so-called „gap analysis”) between the processes, currently functioning in the enterprise (the „as-is” environment) and processes which are to be implemented upon the start-up of a new IT solution (the „to-be” environment). In this case as well, it is useful to categorize the discrepancies into critical for the continuity and profitability of the business and the less important ones.

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