About the company : Facts and history

We are a young company; we commenced our activity in November, 2009, but already with rich experience.

Thanks to that, we are able to combine the positive points of both youth and experience.

How is that possible?

It is possible thanks to the people who create ASAP Consulting. They are a team of consultants who have been working in the corporate IT industry for over ten years already. Thanks to that, we possess extensive knowledge both in the field of:

§ IT systems – their structure, the mechanisms of functioning, used technologies and the functionalities provided by them

§ as well as

§ business processes, used in industrial plants, offices, public institutions (placing orders and financial settlements related to goods and services; resource planning, sales and production, document circulation, staff and remuneration issues, stock management, warehouse management etc.)

Thanks to that, our services combine expertise, experience, passion, enthusiasm and dedication, so typical of new enterprises.

We are involved in implementations and broadly-understood support of IT systems, based upon the solutions of the SAP company.

We possess a highly-qualified staff of certified consultants.

The values that we strive to follow are:

§ the continuity of the Customerˊs business

§ good rapport with the Customer

§ flexibility in terms of the form, time and workplace

§ the high quality of services (high level of competences, expertise and skills)

§ timely and accurate task implementation

§ competitive service fee rates

Tel: 601 673 541
Fax: 52 381 30 88
email: asap@asapconsulting.pl
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