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The ERP systems are IT systems, assisting functioning and the management of nearly all areas of enterprise management. In other words, these are systems the scope of which includes accountancy, controlling, sales and distribution, material management, warehouse management, major repair management, purchases, planning, production, quality management and several other aspects of the business.

The ERP systems originated from the MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) systems, which were developed in order to assist the process of resource need planning for the production or sales. Further on, these systems were extended by adding other departments of enterprise, transforming into (initially) the MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) systems, and finally the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), encompassing the entirety of business processes of an enterprise.

In a short period of time, the ERP systems were joined by the data systems of data warehouses, assisting reporting and analyzing the data collected in the ERP systems (providing, among others, e.g. sales analysis, product profitability analysis, categories etc.)

Later on, the systems, serving for the integration of the ERP systems, which made it possible to rapidly exchange information between these systems and enterprises – partners in business. They provide a medium serving for rapid exchange, in the electronic form, of such information as: purchase orders, advices of delivery, sales recommendations, invoices and others.

Our company has been operating upon the basis of the products of the SAP AG company for ten years now:

  • SAP ERP - business processes management system
  • SAP BW - data warehouse and a tool for reaporting and analysing
  • SAP XI - system used for process and system integration, a medium for exchanging electronic documents between business partners

More details regarding the above-mentioned systems may be found on the following website: www.sap.com

It is worth adding that the SAP company's products create a set of very diversified portfolio,  adjusted and tailred to varied business needs and investment plans of the future Customers.

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