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CeBIT im Hannover

In the beginning of March we took part in the CeBIT Trade Show in Hannover. At CeBIT we had many opportunities to meet SAP partners and clients to discuss their current business needs planned developments with regards to ERP systems. At pre...   [więcej]


Wir sind auch für Zusammenarbeitsangebote offen. Solche erwarten wir sowohl von Firmen, die sich mit den Business-Support-Systemen beschäftigen, als auch von Personen-Beratern, die über solches Wissen verfügen.   [więcej]

New campaign

Soon we start our new promotional campaign. We hope, our Clients will find it interesting. So far we can not give any details.   [więcej]

SAP system support

We signed off the contract for SAP system support for Polish branch of an world-wide international company.   [więcej]
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